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phone/fax.: +7 (484) 386-18-46

mobile: +7 (903) 636-90-25

Adress office in Kaluga: 3a, Karpova str., Kaluga, 248600, Russia Federation.

Adress office in Balabanovo: 10-23, 50 let Oktyabrya str., Borovski raion, Kaluzhskaya oblast, 249000, Russia Federation.

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Russian lawyers

Dear friends! If you find Russian lawyer you should visit our web site!

Our law firm in Russia - is a team of professional Russian attorneys and lawyers with extensive experience of working in different areas of law. We provide legal services on the hole territory of the Russian Federation.

Our goal is to improve the rule of law, justice and improving the quality of legal services. All attorneys and lawyers are constantly improving their professional skills and participate in various seminars and trainings to enhance skills.

Our russian lawyers entrusted in the solution of problems of many of entities (ranging from small business managers, and up the last major construction companies, industrial enterprises). We are also provide legal assistance to physical persons.

On the site you can find various types of legal services we provide, as well as get an interesting and useful information about the russian law:

  • legal services for entities in Russia - in this section, you can get information about the types of legal services for companies and enterprises provided by our russian lawyers. For example you can find information about procedure of establishment entities, arbitration trial in Russia, our service in launch (start) business and other;
  • services for physical persons - if you need a lawyer in Russian, visit this section. You can find material about divorce in Russia, criminal law etc;
  • useful information - here you can find an interesting legal information prepared by Russian attorneys. This section contains original articles which will help you to know new information about Russian law. Do you know how obtain a work permit in Russia, or what documents are required to obtain a Russian visa - visit this section to know more information about Russian law
  • russian legislation - here you can find text of russian law such as Constitution Russia, Civil and Criminal Code and other;
  • contact - contact us by any way convenient for you.

Our website contains many useful and interesting information, which will help you to find answers by yourself on some legal issues. But in any case it is better to entrust the solution to your problem professional lawyers, because the interpretation and enforcement of laws requires special knowledge, skills and experience.

If you need a lawyer in Russia, be sure to contact us!


Igor L. Manasyan

Attorney at Law of the Russian Federation

phone: +7 (903) 636-90-25